affirmation bracelets

Mens Affirmation Bracelet

~ no charm ~


Affirmation Bracelets

designed with a sterling silver charm, jasper, jade or labadorite,  crystal accents

and a drusy quartz bead pulling positive energies

** mens come without charm and color accents

Jasper and Jade promotes nurturing and healing and are also spirit stones of courage

and wisdom carrying a strong connection to the earth's energy making the

healing properties beneficial for strength.

                                                                 Moss:   I choose to Let Go

                                                                 Beige: I choose Forgiveness

                                                                 Blush:  I choose to Love Myself

                                                                 Mahogany:  I choose to be Grateful  

                                                                 Blue:  I choose to Speak My Truth

                                                                 Brown:  I choose to be Healthy

                                                                 Mineral:  I choose to be at peace

                                                                 Soft Gray:  I choose to be wise          

                                                       NEW  Sea:  I choose to be Mindful    

                                                       NEW  Golden:  I choose to be happy

each bracelet comes

with a daily affirmation to say aloud each day to plant

the seeds and start the change

to a new path.

hand designed with a drusy quartz bead pulling positive healing energies

Affirmation Bracelet



stay positive rockstars!

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